Realtree® 62-In-1 Survival Kit

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REALTREE® 62-IN-1 EMERGENCY SURVIVAL KIT: Be prepared in any situation with the Realtree® 62-in-1 Emergency survival kit. This unique kit is designed for those who need to be prepared in any adventure. This fully equipt survival kit, weighing less than 16oz, includes a sleek Survival Bag, Foldable Knife, Multi-Mode Metal LED Flash Light, Emergency Whistle, Emergency Blanket, 10-in-1 Stainless Steel Multi Tool + Velcro case, Portable Wire Saw and much more. This survival kit will let you breathe easy knowing you will be prepared no matter what you face.

REALTREE® 62-IN-1 Emergency Survival Kit Includes:
(1)Survival Bag
(1)Foldable Knife
(1)Multi-Mode Metal LED Flashlight
(1)Emergency Whistle
(1)Emergency Blanket
(1)10 in 1 Stainless Steel Multi-Tool + Velcro Case
(1)Portable Wire Saw
(1)First Aid Tape
(1)Blue Tourniquet
(1)Plastic Tweezers
(1)Triangular Bandage
(1)PBT Bandage
(1)Gauze Pad
(4)Povidone-Iodine Prep Pad
(10)Safety Pins
(10)Cotton Stick
(10)Alcohol Prep Pad
(10)Medium Size Bandage

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