The Best Fire Starters Demoed By Customers

As much as everyone likes making a video while camping, sometimes we have to leave it up to the customers to show and tell you why QuickSurvive is best fire starter for camping, hunting, firepits....well you can see customers doing just about everything with these all-purpose fire starters.

Fire Pit Fun Demos his Fire Pit with wood pellets and QuickSurvive Fire Starters! 

FIRE PIT FUN gave QuickSurvive fire starters a try...the beauty that can come from just one QuickSurvive Fire Starter and few scoops of pellets! Some might say they found the perfect fire pit combo."This is pretty amazing...I'm quite impressed...Certainly in a survival situation you would want to have this stuff on you...Anytime I go camping I would take this with me." All in all, it is great to hear the work "terrific" and even. better to hear "Terrific Firestarter". Shop Now

Quick demo of using the quick survive fire starter in below-freezing temperatures on a snowy fire pit!

The Jensen family gave QuickSurvive fire starters a try on their backyard snow covered pit, in Cheney, Washington. In case you missed it, it was below zero degrees Fahrenheit and they used two packets(just light the corner) and news paper or any other accelerant. As you can tell there is no wondering how to start a fire in frigid, bellow zero temperatures!. Besdies being an amazing fire its great to hear "We really could have just used one package if we wanted to". Shop Now