Outdoor Adventure Bundle

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  • QuickSurvive's Outdoor Adventure Bundle includes 4 products from our Outdoor Survival line. Leading with the most versatile waterproof fire starters, we included 1 of our resealable 12 Piece Fire Starter lightweight bags, which can be used to start 12+ Fires. Don’t trust lighters, or like having a backup? With QuickSurvive's Magnesium Flint Striker Tool, never be caught in the cold or without a fire. With the rust-free ultra-strong Ferro rod our flint strikers are suitable for camping, survival, bushcraft, and other outdoor activities. Forgot your flint striker, or lighter at home? Your 5-In-1 Paracord Bracelet has you covered with a sawtooth knife/fire starter shaver and flint striker. Not to mention, the 10 feet of paracord and whistle capable of noise levels of up to 100db. You wouldn’t truly be an outdoor adventurer without a way to make a quick fire. QuickSurvive’s Portable Wood Burning Stove is lightweight stainless steel(5 oz) and of course, portable. The stove folds flat slimmer than a smartphone and is just about as tall(4 1/4 inches tall). Made perfect for survival packs & emergency preparedness kits. Coupled with our resealable 12 Piece Fire Starters, you can use Twigs, Leaves, Dry Grass, Pinecones, to quickly have an efficient fire going and utilize the Built-in Pan & Pot Stand, and it’s universal design to fit small pots and pans. Be prepared with our next outdoor adventure! We've heard "The Best Fire Starters", "Game Changer Fire Starters", "Best Survival Fire Starters"...but we want to know what you think. Give them a try and leave a review below. Not for you? Check out our other bundles!