RealTree® Fire Starters (3 Piece Bag)

RealTree® All-Purpose Waterproof Fire Starters: The RealTree Fire Starters come packed in a 3 piece lightweight resealable bag and can be used to start 3+ Fires. These Multi-Purpose Fire Starters will not combust unless exposed to a direct flame. They Burn for Up to 10 Mins at over 750 degrees hot enough to Start Any Fire. If you get the Starters wet they will still light as they are 100% Waterproof Inside or Outside of the Packet. Real Tree Fire Starters will also Light with a Flint Starter if opened and shaved with a Knife.

RealTree® Fire Set of Features:
🔥  Lights any Fire Fast
🔥  Up to 10 min Burn Time
🔥 Up to 13"" Flame Height
🔥 Very high Wind Strength Tolerance
🔥 Burns in Rain and Snow
🔥 Lights when Wet 100% Waterproof
🔥 Stays Lit even on Water
🔥 Packable & Portable
🔥 Light Weight
🔥 Food Safe
🔥 Up to 30 years of Shelf life/storage
🔥 Best Uses: Wood Fire - Fire Pit - Fireplace - Charcoal - Campfire - Bonfire - Wood Burning Stove - Smoker - Wood Pellets & More
🔥 Includes 3 Fire Starters packed inside a resealable bag

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