Survival Bundle

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  • QuickSurvive’s Survival Bundle is handpicked and curated by survival experts and has you covered for all of your survival needs and emergency situations. Our 5 Item Survival Bundle is a great way to quickly supply your Bug-Out Bag and serves as a preparedness kit to store in your car, carry during travel, or have while camping and backpacking. To start surviving, we included one 50 Canister of QuickSurvive's All-Purpose Waterproof Fire Starters. Our waterproof survival fire starters light when wet or frozen, and burn at 750 degrees for up to 10 minutes. In case your not a big lighter or match person, with QuickSurvive's Magnesium Flint Striker Tool, never be caught in the cold or without a fire. With the rust-free ultra-strong Ferro rod our flint strikers are suitable for camping, survival, bushcraft, and other outdoor activities. Forgot your flint striker, or lighter at home? Your 5-In-1 Paracord Bracelet has you covered with a sawtooth knife/fire starter shaver and flint striker. Not to mention, the 10 feet of paracord and whistle capable of noise levels of up to 100db. You wouldn’t truly be surviving without a way to make a quick fire. With that nice fire, you just built, utilize QuickSurvive’s portable, lightweight stainless steel(5 oz) Wood Burning Stove. The stove folds flat slimmer than a smartphone and is just about as tall(4 1/4 inches tall). Made perfect for survival packs & emergency preparedness kits. Coupled with our 50 Canister of Fire Starters, you can use Twigs, Leaves, Dry Grass, Pinecones, to quickly have an efficient fire going and utilize the Built-in Pan & Pot Stand, and it’s universal design to fit small pots and pans. The Survival Bundle wouldn't be complete without the QuickSurvive Heat Resistant Fire Safety Glove, which is Unisex and fits either the Right or Left hand and can protect your hands from extreme heat up to 932°F. Heat protection for all of your campfire cooking, Grilling, Baking, and other hot items. Survive with the QuickSurvive! We've heard "The Best Fire Starters", "Game Changer Fire Starters", "Best Survival Fire Starters"...but we want to know what you think. Give them a try and leave a review below. Not for you? Check out our other bundles!