June 16, 2021


We had the opportunity to try out the Bullseye 14 : A Charcoal Starter by Charcoal Bullseye, which is rethinking how you light a charcoal grill. To say the least, Bullseye 14 lit quickly with QuickSurvive Fire Starters(About 10-12 minutes for the full chimney) and their system eliminated all of the hot fiery flare up when you go to dump your typical charcoal chimney. As you can see when lifting up the Charcoal Bullseye upper canister, the coals are spreading across the Weber grill  bottom grate automatically, rather than having to arrange them with a hot glove or fully with poker. In our case, the coals fell perfectly, (minus a large chunk of lump charcoal in the center that we wanted to move), and still beat spreading the coals by glove or with a poker. Their project is now live on Kickstarter(Ends Thursday, July 8 2021).

View their Kickstarter Campaign

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