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QuickSurvive Fire Starters are the most versatile fire starters. Our Fire Starters burn at 750°, light when wet and burn for up to 10 minutes. They will dry out your wet wood and can boil water. If you ever light a fire, need a fire, cook with fire, or start charcoal, then you need QuickSurvive. QuickSurvive was designed as an emergency fire starter and is perfect for if you are backpacking, hiking, camping, or fishing.

Weather is no match for QuickSurvive

QuickSurvive's proprietary formula makes starting a fire in even the most severe weather such as rain, snow or high winds easy. Anytime, anywhere, a fire is needed, QuickFire provides a safe, clean, environmentally friendly way to start a fire.

Have you ever tried to light wood that has been rained or snow on? It can be difficult to impossible. QuickFire solves this issue as it burns at nearly 1000 degrees and will dry out your wet wood. If you ever light a fire, need a fire, cook with fire, or start charcoal, then you need QuickFire. QuickFire was designed as an emergency fire starter. If you are backpacking, hiking, camping, fishing.

QuickFire has a light time of ½ to 1 second depending on the humidity and type of match or lighter used it can take up to 3 seconds. It will light similar to lighting an ordinary candle and slowly build in intensity.

In addition to the benefit of being reliable and waterproof, the temperature that QuickFire burns at is what makes it a superstar in the fire starter world. Due to its sustainable, high burning temperature, QuickFire is able to dry out wet logs as it burns and eventually catch the logs on fire successfully. 



QuickSurvive is an all purpose fire starter that is safe and easy to use. With its waterproof properties, up to a 10 minute burn time, and 30 Year shelf life QuickSurvive is sure to be your new favorite fire-starting tool. Use QuickSurvive to light campfires, fire pits, charcoal barbecue grills, wood burning stoves, fireplaces or as a safe and reliable fuel source for cooking while camping or in emergencies.


Fire Place - QuickFirePacket - QUICKSURVIVE


Waterproof - FireStarter Packet - QUICKSURVIVE
Grilling - QuickFire Packet - QUICKSURVIVE


QuickSurvive Pouches are designed for safe use indoors and outdoors.

Waterproof! If the pouches get wet, they will still ignite easily.

A must for grills, campfires, firepits, wood burning ovens and fireplaces.


Up to 10 Minute Burn Time - QuickSurvive Fire Starter - QUICKSURVIVE
Survivalist - QuickFire Fire Starter - QUICKSURVIVE



Odorless - QuickFire - QUICKSURVIVE

Pouches have a burn time of up to 10 minutes long! Light easy with self contained wick.

Survivalist Approved! Pouches have an infinite shelf life and are a must in your hiking pack.

Release no harmful fumes and leaves no unpleasant Paraffin smell on hands or clothing



Using QuickSurvive is a 1 Step Process

For fireplaces, wood stoves or fire pits, simply place 1-3 pouches under wood and light it. Need to light or drying wet wood? Burning at nearly 1.000 degrees, Quick Fire will dry out and light wet wood.

Benefits and Uses 

Lighting Charcoal Briquettes

•    Use with a charcoal chimney and have no ash left behind to blow away.
•    Use it to start your charcoal in your grill like your Weber or Charbroil.
•    QuickSurvive has no harmful chemicals, so use it with your Big Green Egg, Primo or 
Kamado Joe type ceramic grills
•    Use it to light briquettes using an outdoor grill at the park.

Cooking with QuickSurvive as a self-standing fire 

1 pouch will burn for 8 to 10 min. Use multiple pouches based on cooking time and cookware area.

Preparing for Disasters

Experts believe that if a major disaster occurs we will be without electricity or natural gas for 5 months or longer. Unfortunately disasters occur all over the world, sometimes when we least expect it. Fuel is an often overlooked item when preparing for a disaster, but a critical one. Fuel is a must to boil water, cook your food, heat your shelter & boost morale.


Where QuickSurvive and Quick Fire can be Used:

•    Camping, use QuickSurvive to light a campfire even in extreme conditions such as rain, snow and wind.
•    RV-ing, using Quick Fire to light a relaxing fire every morning & night, every RV needs a package or QuickFire.
•    Backpacking, either for day use or a just in case you need a fire, QuickFire will be there to save you.
•    Snow shoeing, don’t get stuck out in the snow with out means to start a fire, just in case.
•    Hunting, every hunter needs a fire to tell stories around.
•    Hiking, another just in case, no one can predict what will happen during a hiking trip.
•    Fishing, Quick Fire is just as important as a fishing pole.
•    ATV-ing more important than a helmet, QuickSurvive can get a fire going when your wheeler dies.
•    Snowmobiles Always have Quick Fire in your snowmobile its not if but when on a snowmobile.
•    Cross/back country skiing, it is a must, don’t get stuck with out means for a fire.
•    Survival Kits, Every survival kit needs means to start a fire.
•    72 hour kits, bug out bag or grab and go bag, whatever you call it, every kit needs means to start a fire. 72 hours is 3 full days.
•    Boating, boaters love to get off in the sand and have a fire, QuickSurvive will dry out wet wood.
•    Scouting, whether you are a cub or Venture boy scout, QuickSurvive is the safest fire starter out there.
•    Dutch Oven Cooking, Light charcoal briquettes with QuickSurvive.

•    Outdoor Fireplaces, Quick Fire will get the fireplace lit instantly and safely.
•    Backyard fire pits, one match one fire, light Quick Fire and forget it.
•    Home Storage, get a 3 month food storage, but don’t forget a means to cook it, Quick Fire has a 30 year shelf life, and is safe to store even near food.

•    Motorcycles, whether you're on a Harley or just out for a day ride take a pack with you just in case.

•    Emergency roadside in case your car breaks down, have Quick Fire in your trunk so you can have a fire.

•    Motocross, if you’re out riding the bikes have some Quick Fire in case you need it or stop for lunch.

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