LED Emergency Portable & Collapsible Lantern

  • CREATE INSTANT 360-DEGREE ILLUMINATION - Instantly light your surroundings with the QuickSurvive LED Emergency Portable and Collapsible Lantern. Easily adjust the amount of light for optimal visibility and safety in any outdoor or indoor environment.


  • GET UP TO 90 HOURS OF ILLUMINATION - Each collapsible emergency light lantern is designed with built-in, high-powered LED's that provide incredibly bright and long-lasting illumination for up to 90 hours. Quickly and easily light an entire room, tent, or outdoor area no matter how dark your environment may be.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT, AND MADE FOR TRAVELING - Each collapsible LED lantern is designed to be incredibly lightweight and easy to carry with a single carabiner hook. Easily attaches to bags, keychains, backpacks, and travel packs for convenient, on-the-go use without adding unnecessary weight and bulk to your gear.


  • THE PERFECT LIGHTING SOLUTION FOR OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS - With over 90 hours of instant lighting, the QuickSurvive collapsible LED lantern is perfect for: emergency storms, hurricanes, camping trips, survival situations, road trips, backpacking trips, and much more. Also makes a great lighting solution for regular at-home use.


  • CONVENIENTLY POWERED BY AA BATTERIES - The QuickSurvive emergency LED lantern is conveniently powered by AA batteries (not included) to ensure that you have instant lighting and illumination no matter where you go. Create the lighting and visibility you need without a power cord or any external power source.

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