Portable Mini Foldable Wood Burning Survival Stove

  • The QuickSurvive® Wood Burning Stove is lightweight(5 oz) and portable. The stove folds flat slimmer than a smartphone and is just about as tall(4 1/4 inches tall). This stove is a must have for Campers, Backpackers / Hikers, and Survivalists. The QuickSurvive Wood Burning Stove is made with high-quality stainless steel & includes a nylon velcro carry case. Made perfect for survival packs & emergency preparedness kits. The QuickSurvive camping stove has a Built-in Pan & Pot Stand, and it’s universal design is set to fit small pots and pans. The Stoves Built-in vents greatly improve the heat efficiency. This QuickSurvive Portable Wood Burning Stove is different from traditional gas stoves, as the QuickSurvive Portable Wood Burning Stove gives you an Environmental and Simple way to enjoy Cooking in the Wilderness. You can use Twigs, Leaves, Dry Grass, Pinecones, and More as original fuel from nature. Hint Hint: Our very own all-purpose waterproof fire starters are a great pair for our portable stove!