Grill Master Bundle

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  • QuickSurvive's Grill Master Bundle includes 100 of QuickSurvive's All-Purpose Waterproof Fire Starters and two of our signature Heat Resistant Fire Safety Gloves. The Grill Master Bundle comes split into 2 of our 50 Fire Starter Canisters and two individually packaged Heat Resistant Fire Safety Gloves. Whether you are already a grill master, Have a grill master in your life, Know an aspiring cook, Learning how to use a smoker, the Grill Master Bundle has your name on it! Not to mention, QuickSurvivel fire starters light when wet, are food safe, and burn at 750 degrees for up to 10 minutes. If the fire starters get wet or freeze, they will still light as they are 100% waterproof inside or outside of the packet. If you ever start charcoal and briquettes, light a fire, or need a fire, then you need QuickSurvive. QuickSurvive was designed as an emergency fire starter and is perfect for if you are grilling, backpacking, hiking, camping, fishing, or catching the logs in your fire pit and fireplace. QuickSurvive Fire Starters will also Light with a Flint Starter if opened and shaved with a Knife. We've heard "The Best Fire Starters", "Game Changer Fire Starters", "Best Survival Fire Starters"...but we want to know what you think. Give them a try and leave a review below.

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Adjust Hot Food On The Grill

Easily rotate hot food on the grill grate without it dropping through onto your coals or gas burners. Don't worry about getting them dirty, our unisex heat resistant grill gloves are washing machine safe! You'll enjoy moving food freely on your grill or smoker, but you'll love our gloves when it comes to moving the hot grate around.

Grab The Grill Grate

Easily move around your grill grate with our heat resistant gloves. You can pull the grate out, add some more wood chips, or coals and be back to BBQing in no time. If you are working with PitBoys Smoke In A Can, which are typically too hot to touch with your bare hands, you need our glove!