May 23, 2020

Our mission at QuickSurvive is to ensure that our all purpose fire starters take away the hassle and stress that comes from building a fire in any conditions, in order for YOU to focus more on enjoying your journey up a mountain or the taste of your hamburger on the charcoal grill. Here are 10 ways you can use QuickSurvive this summer!

1. During a camping trip; Regardless of where you go camping or who you spend it with, no trip is complete without the iconic campfire. Whether you’re cooking s’mores or roasting weenies, or maybe even telling stories, it is a must have and QuickSurvive will make your campfire that much more memorable.

2. &  3. Cookout using a Charcoal BBQ Grill with or without a Chimney;  Family Reunions, 4th of July BBQ’s, Memorial Day BBQ’s, summertime is prime time for outdoor cooking. QuickSurvive is completely non toxic and odorless. So you can use it on your grill, cook some great food, and enjoy your friends and family.

4. Fireplace; This one may seem like a stretch, but it definitely is not always beautiful outside during the summer. Heavy rain does happen during the summer, but if you have a fireplace, you can still make the most of your day and use QuickSurvive to light it with your pouch and damp wood.

5. Fire pit; I love fire pits. It’s like having a campfire for you backyard, except they could be hard to light if don’t have any wood to burn. You may be taking newspapers and throwing a match in your fire pit, and hoping that it lights. However, with QuickSurvive, a pouch takes anywhere between 1-3 seconds to light and lasts up to 10 minutes per pouch. Making it perfect for the fire pit.

6. During a hike; Who doesn’t like to hike during the summer? The answer is no one. Everyone loves a nice hike and if you’re out while the sun is going down and need to make some dinner, have no fear! QuickSurvive is here! QuickSurvive flames reach up 750 degrees and as stated before has up to a 10 minute burn time per pouch.

7. A bonfire on the beach; If we rewind back to the beach parties in the 1950’s and 60’s we know that they had bonfires on the beach! Now if you’re allowed to on a beach near you, it definitely sounds like an awesome time.

8. During a fishing trip; An American pastime at this point, many people go on fishing trips with their friends and families. And what better way to end the day with a little campfire or grilling some food on the coast of the lake.

9. Backpacking;  QuickSurvive packs come in small bags and containers. Even the 50 pack is pretty small, making it perfect for your backpacking trip! QuickSurvive is versatile and has all the features you would need to cook outdoors!

10. Cross Country Road Trip; RV’s are the PERFECT for any road trip you may take this summer, either with your friends or family! But if you ever want to take a break from cooking inside the RV, bring a small charcoal grill and you use your QuickSurvive packs! It’s safe and easy!

The summer time is what you make of it, and you can spend it any way you want to! Make the most of every sunny day and vacation, and I promise that your summer will be filled with nothing but good vibes. And if you do use QuickSurvive with the tips above, please use responsibly.


Till next time, this is  Nick Fire


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