May 19, 2020

Sometimes you are just feeling it. You want to head outside, fire up that BBQ and grill up some burgers, hotdogs, sausages, steak, chicken, shish kabob, and anything you may be craving. However, sometimes you don’t feel like putting in the effort. But you know what, Nick Fire is here to tell you the five reasons why you should BBQ today and why it is worth it!

  1. Food cooked on the grill just tastes better: There is a distinct difference between the taste, smell, and texture of food cooked on the grill as opposed to anything cooked on a frying pan. Food off the grill tastes fresh, and not like you just picked it up directly from a drive thru. Which is the perfect segway into my next reason why you should BBQ.
  2. It is much healthier: Think about this, everyone knows that there are not many health benefits to eating fried foods. But how much healthier is cooking on the grill. When you cook on the grill, all of your proteins and vegetables retain much more of their nutrients. In regards to your protein, grilling allows it to retain more riboflavin and thiamine, which are a MAJOR KEY to a healthy diet. Also, by wrapping your veggies in tin foil they retain significantly more of their nutrients and vitamins.
  3. It’s the most fun way to cook: Now bare with me on this one, I know it may seem like a stretch in regards to why you should BBQ today. Think of it like this though, when you BBQ, you are outside listening to some classic rock and making your food your way! It’s not only fun but kind of empowering, because when you’re cooking over a stove or in the oven you’re restricted to the space you have to cook and the equipment required. Grilling can be fancy, simple, and creative. It can be whatever you want really.
  4. It’s summertime: Now, you can BBQ all year round. Especially if you live in the Southern United States. However, a summertime staple every year is to BBQ. The sun is shining, the pool is open, and the music is loud. When you add BBQ to that mix, you have nothing but good vibes. Cooking outside around your friends and family when everybody is just relaxing is most definitely sublime.
  5. It is not complicated: Think about the first time you tried to learn how to cook. I’ll go back to my high school cooking class. I had the best teacher ever, legitimately, she was awesome. But, the only thing I could do was boil pasta. The amount of time is takes to fry food, boil it, or put it in the stove is just too much sometimes. Your kitchen can be smoky or get to hot. Cooking on the grill is safe and easy. Sure, there are some legitimate recipes to grilling but it is nothing strenuous.

So take these tips however you want to. I know that after writing this, I am definitely going to go home and BBQ. Don’t forget to share and reach out to us with your own QuickSurvive Stories and we will share them right here!

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Till next time, this is Nick Fire



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