May 16, 2020

Why go camping? Why not? That’s the simple answer, and probably the correct answer. But I go back to a quote from the wise Sheldon Cooper, “If going outside is so great, why did man spend so many years perfecting inside.” Really think about it, why would everyone want to spend so much time and energy to spend the night in the middle of the woods if you can just lay in bed and watch Netflix?

Well, Nick Fire is going to tell you why going camping is more than just sleeping in a tent. Camping is an experience. You connect with your friends and family around a fireplace or under the stars or fishing by the lake, because it just comes natural. When we are surrounded by technology and forced to be apart of this on the go society, camping gives you the chance to slow down and appreciate everyone around you. Food just tastes better when it’s made over a campfire, the sound of the trees in the wind are a lot better than the sound of trucks driving past your house, the light from the stars are better than street lights, and obviously the air is just so much cleaner.

Next time you go camping, I want you to do me a favor. Turn your phone off, light up a campfire (maybe with some QuickSurvive), and just relax with whom ever joined you on your trip. Because the fact is, those will be the times you remember and since they are not filled with distractions, those memories will be as clear as day.

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Till next time, this is Nick Fire 

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