May 28, 2020

Hey fire fans, it is officially pit season! The summer months are prime time to sit around a campfire. After the sun goes down and the chill comes out, no better way to warm up then lighting one up. Love summer, but hate bugs? Bugs hate fire. Light one up. Need somewhere to cook your BBQ meats? Light one up. 

But, this summer is different. With COVID-19 sticking around we are itching for ways to safely hang out with friends and family, or simply just do something fun. Can you still light one up? We think so. 

Whether you’re chilling solo or having some friends over for a socially distant hang, a fire pit is a great activity if you have the outdoor space. It’s easy to set up chairs at least 6 feet apart while still giving everyone a good view of the fire. Remember to check your local guidelines for the best ways to stay safe while having fun! 

Aside from your grueling chair set up, the next hardest thing will be starting the actual fire. “Make a Tee-Pee” your brother yells. “Newspaper works best” your mom chimes in. We’ve done this song and dance before. Everyone's an expert when it comes to getting the blaze going. What if we told you, no one had to be the expert? What if there was a little square that could change it all? (Spoiler alert: there is)

Check out QuickSurvive Fire Starters. Pop one of those in your set up and watch the results. 

Once the fire is going, we recommend turning up some tunes and hanging back. You deserve to relax this summer! So relax and grab a pack of QuickSurvive Fire Starters.

Snag a 50 Canister....or a Dooms Day Prepper Pack if you need to stock up ;) and you won't have any excuses when it comes to getting a spontaneous fire going.

Bye fire fans, we want to see your fire setups. Light one up. Tag us. #QuickSurvive.

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