January 20, 2021

What happens when your fire starters freeze? For most, it means no fire. For QuickSurvive, easily start a fire.

We have all had unexpected surprises some good, some bad. Most surprise while is the wild are you usually on the impactful side.

The first two unexpected surprises that come to mind, when in the great outdoors, are rain and snow.

For one, I had my pack frozen over the middle of the night, accidentally putting it in a place that left is susceptible to moisture. I woke up and over night moisture had penetrated my bag and froze my bag into a solid shape. Have you ever left a piece of clothing out in the snow by mistake? Yes, think this just like that, but containing all of your important camping gear. Instances like these can leave you in an uncomfortable or emergency situation if you are working with fire starters that aren't waterproof or can't light when frozen. At the time the instant fire shavings I was using for my camping trips, before QuickSurvive Fire Starters came through, had clumped into an un-lightable mess. No fire for me with that clumped frozen starter shaving mix.

In this case watch as QuickSurvive lights when frozen in block of ice for 48 hours at 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Accidentally froze something? Give it a try.

Besides unexpected outdoor conditions, let's look at an activity where we know exactly the conditions we are going into. For ice fishing, you are in a hut, there is ice and snow just about everywhere and if there is not, there is water. When QuickSurvive was designed, the avid outdoor enthusiast was not overlooked. Ice fishing and angling was a huge consideration in our fire starters ability to be versatile and endure wet conditions while starting and maintaining your fire. We encourage you to bring a canister of our waterproof fire starters with you on your next ice fishing trip and ditch the worry about not being able to start a fire because of wet for freezing conditions.

Cold Weather Activities Perfect For QuickSurvive Fire Starters:

-Winter Camping
-Ice Fishing
-Snowboarding and Skiing
-Backcountry hiking(Especially during the cold months)
-Hunting Trips

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